EBSCO provides high-quality academic research databases, discovery service, academic journals and much more! Check out the full list of EBSCO databases below.

EBSCO Discovery Service

EDS is EBSCO's most comprehensive collection of content containing thousands of e-journals, magazines, articles, ebooks, multimedia content and more. Go there

EBSCO Discovery Service: eBooks

Discover and download e-books in one easy and powerful search experience. Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Business

With premium full-text content and peer-reviewed business journals, this database is an essential tool for business students. It covers all disciplines of business, including marketing, management, accounting, banking, finance and more. Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Environment Studies

This leading full-text database offers extensive coverage in the areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, and affiliated areas of study. Offering full text and indexing for journals, books and monographs, it is an invaluable resource for students and scholars across all environmental disciplines.. Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Library Science

Provides information science journals, books, research reports and more. Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Psychology

Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection This full-text database is an essential tool for psychologists, counselors, researchers and students, providing extensive coverage for a broad range of subjects in the fields of psychology, behavioral sciences and related disciplines. Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Science (Chemistry, Physics, Biology etc)

Science reference database covering all major scientific disciplines. Features content from the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology and the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Scientific & Technical Terms. (Provider: McGraw-Hill) Go there.

EBSCO Nursing Reference Center

Designed specifically for nurses, this resource provides evidence-based information for point of care, continuing education, nursing research and more. With Nursing Reference Center (NRC), nurses can get answers to questions quickly, strengthen their nursing skills and read full-text journal articles anytime and anywhere. (Provider: McGraw-Hill) Go there.

EBSCO Publication Finder

Use EBSCO Discovery Service's Publication Finder tool to locate specific serials (journals, newspapers, and magazines), e-books, videos, and other titles. Go there.

EBSCO Enfermeria Al Dia

This comprehensive nursing tool provides clinical Spanish-language resources to nurses and other healthcare professionals. Enfermería al Día resources include point-of-care reference material, nursing skills and procedures, patient education and more.Go there.

EBSCOhost Databases

Here you can view a complete breakdown of all EBSCOhost databases.Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Caribbean Studies

Caribbean Search is the most extensive research database of full-text content pertaining to the countries and people of the Caribbean. Covering all areas of Caribbean study, it includes hundreds of full-text journals, magazines, newspapers, reports and reference books.Go there

EBSCO Discovery Service: Communication Studies

Communication & Mass Media Complete (CMMC) offers full text and cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for journals covering communication, mass media, linguistics, rhetoric, language, logic, and other closely related fields. Go there.

EBSCO Discovery Service: Education Studies

The world's largest and most complete collection of full-text education journals, Education Source provides scholarly research and information to meet the needs of education students, professionals, and policy makers. It covers all levels of education — from early childhood to higher education — as well as all educational specialties such as multilingual education, health education and testing. Go there

EBSCO Discovery Service: Health

Provides access to superior publisher-provided metadata from leading subject indexes and databases. By utilizing MeSH Headings, CINAHL Subject Headings and PsycINFO Headings, EBSCO Discovery Service Health goes beyond word matching to ensure users find the most relevant content fast. Go there

EBSCO Discovery Service: Nursing

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition is a trusted full-text database covering nursing and allied health topics, including pediatric nursing, critical care, mental health, nursing management, medical law and more. Go there

EBSCO Discovery Service: Religion and Theology

This database is an essential resource for religious and theological studies, providing bibliographic records covering topics such as biblical studies, world religions, church history and religion in social issues. Indexed journals are selected for inclusion according to their scholarly merit and scope. Go there

EBSCO Discovery Service: Sociology

includes 16 social studies research and curriculum databases designed to improve students’ inquiry skills and to deepen their understanding of history, contemporary issues, and global cultures. Go there

EBSCO Points of View Reference Center

Containing resources that present multiple sides of an issue, this database provides rich content that can help students assess and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills. Go there

EBSCO English Language Learner

Designed for adults who have a basic foundation in English grammar and reading but need adapted reading material for a variety of subjects. It offers resources to help build background knowledge, conduct research and improve study skills. Go there