All patrons are expected to be aware of the policies of the library. For your benefit, we've outlined key standards below.


Compliance with the university's dress code is required.

Cell phones

The use of cell phones for making and receiving calls is prohibited in the Library. The Forde Library recognises the use of smart phones to aid in research and data management and as such we advise that all smart phones be placed on "Silent or Vibrate" upon entering the library.


The library seeks to provide all users with a relatively distraction free environment and as such solicits quietude from every patron.

Clean environment

The library seeks to provide all users with a clean, healthy environment. All patrons are encouraged to assist in that endeavor by utilizing the bins.


Eating and drinking are not permitted in the Library. However water bottles are allowed in the Library.


Bags, exceeding 8" * 11" are not allowed in the Library. We can provide a Library bag to assist with the movement of your work material within the library which must be returned before leaving the facility. Kindly take all valuables with you as Library Management will not be held liable for the stolen or defaced belongings.

Do pay attention to our simple guidelines and rules.