Refworks is a free Reference Management Solution available to all students and faculty of USC. Refworks helps you organize your research projects by creating bibliographies, citations, and footnotes and by automating many other referencing tasks.

Why use Refworks?

Collect and import

  • Save references, full-text, and other research materials
  • Import from online databases, catalogues, and other reference management tools
  • Save references and full-text from web pages

Manage your research

  • Organise references with folders and tags
  • Quickly search and find your references and full-text document
  • Read and annotate full-text documents with highlights and comments from anywhere

Share and collaborate

  • Make collaborative writing easier with RefWorks integrated into Google Docs

Write and cite

  • Select customizable citation styles to use within authoring tools
  • Generate bibliographies and citations in a snap for any authoring tool
  • Use RefWork3 integrations to insert citations in Word and Google Docs